Sharps Waste Disposal

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Here at Healthcare Waste Disposal we take pride in offering our clients a full range of disposable solutions, all conforming to the new Environment Agency regulations Disposal of Sharps Waste and The Special Waste Regulations 1996.

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Our Sharps waste disposal services are second to none. The containment, handling, transportation and disposal of sharps waste is subject to stringent legislation. All producers whether you are a dental practice, tattooist, beauty therapist or nurse has a legal obligation to ensure that your waste is handled and disposed of correctly.  At Healthcare Waste Disposal we ensure that your waste is collected, handled and disposed of professionally and safely in accordance with current UK and European Law. 


Flexible Service Plans

Tailored to your individual collection needs.

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We can handle all your sharps needs whether regular or one time collections.

Duty Of Care

Proof of compliance completed by us

and provided at each collection.

All sizes and shapes 
From 0.6 litre to 22 litre we have your sharps waste disposal needs covered.


Q: What is defined as Sharps Waste?

A: 'Anything that has the potential to pierce, or has been used to pierce, the skin' is the best way to define Sharps Waste the following should always be disposed of using an appropriate sharps bin:

Needles, Scalpels, Stitch cutters, Glass ampoules, Sharp instruments, Shards of bone and teeth, Syringes, Lancets and Razor blades

Q: How do I know which colour lid should be used?
Legislation involving all hazardous waste requires different streams to be colour coded ensuring all streams are kept segregated and disposed of according  to their individual EWC number. For sharps containers there are 4 different colour lids available please see our guide below:


Sharps Bins with a Yellow Lid are designed for waste that contains medical residue such as medically contaminated needles, syringes or bodies (including ones that are fully discharged).


Sharps Bins with an Orange Lid are for waste items that only contain blood, with no medical or pharmaceutical products or residue contaminant such as a used syringe which has taken a blood sample. Orange sharps bins can also be used for sharp instruments with no contaminant on them at all, but are in need of disposal, such as an unwrapped needle or scalpel.


Sharps Bins with a Purple Lid are for cytotoxic or cytostatic waste which refers to medicines (or active agents) which are used to treat cancer, immunosuppressants, anti-virals, or hormone based.


For the disposal of out of date drugs, used drug denaturing kits and discarded items from use in

the handling of pharmaceuticals such as bottles or boxes with residues, gloves, masks,

connecting tubes, syringe bodies and drug vials.