What counts as Pharmaceutical waste?

Pharmaceutical waste refers to the general disposal of  any waste generated by medicine this can be classified as either hazardous or non-hazardous waste, this depends on the drugs placed within the container. Any business needing to dispose of medicine waste, such as vets, doctors surgeries, care homes, pharmacies and opticians discarding eye drops require a pharmaceutical waste bin.

Healthcare Waste Disposal offer pharmaceutical containers in 5, 7, 11.5 and 22 litre options. Our pharmaceutical waste disposal service is completely tailored around your specific needs offering flexible ad-hoc basis service contracts and collection frequencies ranging from weekly to as and when you need us, ensuring that you as the client are only paying for services when you need them.  


Pharaceutical Waste Categories & EWC

Each stream of waste, including pharmaceutical, has a unique EWC code, this describes to us exactly what your waste is, and how it must be disposed of. You will find an EWC code printed on all clinical waste buckets and bags, including pharmaceutical waste containers. Pharmaceutical waste is segregated by the following EWC codes:

Waste type                                                                                    Waste status                      Human healthcare                                        Animal healthcare

Not chemically preserved - infectious                                          Hazardous                                  18-01-03*                                                     18-02-02*

Not chemically preserved- non-infectious                         Non-hazardous                                  18-01-02                                                       18-02-03

Chemically preserved - infectious or non-infectious                Hazardous              18-01-06*  & 18-01-02*/03                 18-02-05* and 18-02-02*/03

Flexible Service Plans

Tailored to your individual collection needs.

Duty Of Care

Proof of compliance completed by us

and provided at each collection.

No job too big or small
We can handle all your sharps needs whether regular or one time collections.

All sizes and shapes 
From 0.6 litre to 22 litre we have your sharps waste disposal needs covered.