Offensive Waste


What is Offensive Waste?

Defined as waste which is unpleasant and may cause offence to the senses.

Offensive waste (EWC 18-01-04) is non-infectious and can consist of:

How is it disposed of?

Offensive waste must be removed from your premises by a fully certified and licenced waste carrier and disposed of by incineration or taken to a non-hazardous landfill site.

How we do things!

We supply our clients with a 45 litre indoor pedal operated bin for use with the yellow tiger stripe bag, once each bag is full it can safely be stored outside in a lockable wheelie bin ready for collection (see our lockable outside storage bin page for sizes). 

Nappy waste and incontinence pads

Sanitary hygiene waste

Protective garments and outer dressings that are not

contaminated with bodily fluids. I.E: gloves, gowns and masks.

Flexible Service Plans

Tailored to your individual collection needs.

Duty Of Care

Proof of compliance completed by us and provided

at each collection.

No job too big or small
We can handle all your sharps needs whether regular or one time collections.

All sizes and shapes 
From 160 litre to 1100 litre we have your offensive waste storage needs covered.