Dental Waste Packages

Orange waste bags

Collections from 1 bag to 100 bags available on flexible service plans.

Female Sanitary Units

 Available on discreet flexible service plans.

Sharps Waste 

From 0.6 litre to 22 litre our sharps waste disposal service prices are the most competitive on the market.

Pharmaceutical Waste

Wide range of pharmaceutical bins available to suit your requirements

With over 30 years experience in the industry, we work with dental practices across the South East and London area catering for all of their waste disposal needs.


Dental practices whether large or small produce a wide variety of waste that must be disposed of safely and responsibly; especially sharps waste, teeth, and amalgam products.

Amalgam waste produced by dental practices is classified as a hazardous waste material by UK government and is subject to specific legislation that could lead to a consequential fine if it is not disposed of correctly. 

We offer packages for all Dental Practices tailored to your specific needs. Fill in our quick quote form below for a fast tailored quote today! 

X-Ray Fixer & Developer

Fully included in your Dental Practice package with collection frequencies flexible to suit your needs.

Amalgam Waste

Containers available in a range of sizes on flexible service plans.